1) Who is the King of the Gods a) Apollo b) Zeus c) Hades 2) Where is home to the Greek Gods a) Mount Everest b) Mont Blanc c) Mount Olympus 3) Which of these is Goddess of the Home? a) Hera b) Poseidon c) Hermes 4) What is Poseidon God of? a) Land b) Air c) Sea 5) Who is the God of the Underworld a) Hades b) Hermes c) Jades 6) Who is the God of the sun and music a) Harpie b) Aphrodite c) Apollo 7) Which Goddess has a bow and arrow a) Artemis b) Hermes c) Hera 8) What is Ares God of? a) Peace b) Arguing c) War 9) Which is the correct spelling for the Goddess of Love a) Arphrodite b) Aphrodite c) Afrodighte 10) Athena is the Goddess of .... a) Eating b) Athens c) Wisdom 11) He's the messenger of the Gods a) Heracles b) Hercules c) Hermes 12) What does 'allude' mean when we've used it in lesson? a) to say something rude b) to make a link to an older story c) to tell us all about something.




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