1) People have got________ baby teeth a) twenty b) twenty two c) thirty 2) We start losing our milk teeth when we are about ______ years old a) ten b) six c) three 3) To keep your teeth clean and healthy, you have to brush them two or ______ times everyday a) ten b) three c) five 4) Saliva protects your teeth from __________ a) harm b) light c) germs 5) The enamel ob your teeth makes them ____and bright a) white b) red c) black 6) You should visit the ________ every six months a) teacher b) mechanic c) dentist 7) The teeth help you to ______ a) eat b) drink c) talk 8) _____ helps to make your food soft and wet a) Gums b) Saliva c) Enamel 9) _____are the pink parts around your teeth. a) Enamel b) Saliva c) Gums 10) Adults have got ________ teeth a) thirty two b) two c) twenty two




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