Simple Sentence: Rudolph is a red-nosed reindeer of Santa's., The elves worked tirelessly making toys and games., The sleet and snow prevented us from going to our grandparent's house., The ugly sweat contest was a huge success with more than 100 entries., Compound Sentence: Santa's elves worked tirelessly, and Santa prepared for his journey., My brother wore a Star Wars sweater, and I wore a Disney princess sweater in the contest., We were on our way to our grandparent's house, but the weather caused a delay in our travels., Rudolph could uses his red nose for the journey, or Santa could use his GPS., Fragment: The storm on the way to our grandparent's house., Rudolph, Santa's red-nosed reindeer., The ugly Cheetos sweater that I wore to the contest., Working tirelessly to make toys and games for all the boys and girls.,




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