1 - 4.1 Valves, 2 - Valves are an important component of this system as they control the flow of water from the inlet streams to reach the specified temperature., 3 - Many different types of valves can be used to control water flow, but only four are explored in this section as prospective components., 4 - 4.1.1 Plug Valves, 5  - Plug valves consist of rotatable, cylindrical or conically tapered plugs that move inside the body of the valve to control the flow., 6 - When the valve is open, water flows through one or more of the hollow ports and to stop the flow, the cylinder rotates until the port is perpendicular to the pipe., 7 - A disadvantage is that these valves have a quick shut-off rate, and thus they are primarily used for strictly on-off service (Katzman et. al., 2007)., 8 - If a plug valve were used to control the flow rate for Team Wood’s system, the valve would need to be turned on and off many times per second., 9 - While this is possible, it requires the use of an actuator capable of high frequency movement, which can be rather expensive and difficult to work with.,

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