1) He is from France. _______ name is Pierre. 2) She is from Germany. _______ name is Angela. 3) They are Japanese. ______ names are Yuki and Hinata. 4) My mum is Brazilian. ______ favourite colour is blue. 5) Batman is my favourite superhero. ______ car is black. 6) I live in Brazil. ______ city is called Ribeirão Preto. 7) My brother and I live in Colombia. ______ house is in Bogota. 8) My friend John is American. _____ favourite film is The Avengers. 9) My friends and I play football. _____ favourite team is Barcelona. 10) You are Brazilian, right? _____ country is Brazil. 11) Rick and Pam live in Australia. _______ house is in Sydney. 12) Sophie is Irish. _______ mother is very beautiful.




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