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1) Wide ranging differences including age, religions, ability, background and race a) Diversity b) Inclusion c) Rights d) Discrimination 2) To treat everyone the same. To have the same opportunities such as: to education and employment. a) Inclusion b) Wellbeing c) Equality d) Welfare 3) Ensuring everyone is included, involved and not ignored a) Respect b) Wellbeing c) Dignity d) Inclusion 4) The act of judging and treating someone, usually unfairly, often based on such things as: appearance, background, age or race. a) Diversity b) Welfare c) Discrimination d) Respect 5) A set of entitlements, based on principles and values of fairness and equality, that apply to all humans across the world. a) Inclusion b) Respect c) Dignity d) Rights 6) Having self-respect, self-worth, or treating others with respectfulness and value. a) Dignity b) Wellbeing c) Equality d) Welfare 7) Giving value, admiration and importance to others. a) Rights b) Diversity c) Respect d) Discrimination 8) The health, safety and happiness of a person. a) Inclusion b) Welfare c) Dignity d) Wellbeing 9) Having a sense of happiness, calm and self worth. a) Equality b) Discrimination c) Respect d) Wellbeing

Entry 3 Health & Social Care Terminology




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