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1) Which of the following are found in the African savanna? a) Long rainy season b) Teak Trees c) Rivers that provide fish d) Swamps and Lagoons e) Yams and Kola Nuts f) Fertile Land 2) Which of the following are ORAL traditions? a) Griot Histories b) Trickster Tales c) African Dances d) African Masks e) Proverbs f) Instruments like drums 3) Which of the following statements are TRUE? a) Taghaza was in the forest. b) Wangara had gold mines. c) Ghana taxed traders. d) Silent bartering was used to trade. e) Ghana mined salt. f) The gold traders travelled north. 4) Which of the following are reasons Ghana collapsed? a) Taxes got too high. b) Overpopulation c) Increased Crime d) Spread of disease e) War f) Loss of Natural Resources 5) Why was salt so valuable in the Middle Ages? a) Kept food from spoiling. b) Used to make coins. c) Used to trade with China. d) Seasoned Food e) Fed to animals. f) Replaced salt lost in sweat.


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