1) Santa Claus is a man with a big white ... a) bird b) beard c) bear d) beer 2) You hang them by the fireplace. Santa puts the presents there. a) stockings b) socks c) tights d) boots 3) This is Santa's vehicle. a) skates b) skis c) snowboard d) sleigh 4) Christmas glass balls are also called ... a) baubles b) bombs c) buns d) bubbles 5) Boxing Day is on... a) 24th December b) 25th December c) 26th December d) 31st December 6) Rudolph and other animals pulling Santa's sleigh are ... a) deer b) reindeer c) roe deer d) boars 7) You should kiss each other standing under it. a) holly b) ivy c) pine d) mistletoe 8) Santa goes down it to your house. a) window b) chimney c) gutter d) skylight 9) Christians in Poland share it before Christmas Eve. a) waffle b) waff c) wafer d) wafe 10) You can find some silly jokes inside a ... a) Christmas cracker b) Christmas glass ball c) Christmas star d) Christmas pudding 11) A religious Christmas song. a) carol b) anthem c) lullaby d) tune 12) A flat biscuit that looks like a man and is baked for Christmas. a) a cookie man b) a biscuit man c) a shortbread man d) a gingerbread man




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