1) I ... the washing up yesterday.  a) do b) does c) did 2) My brother... his clothes away every day.  a) put b) puts c) puted  3) We ... our bed yesterday. a) make b) makes c) made 4) We ... the windows every weekend. a) clean b) cleans c) cleaned 5) I ... out the rubbish every night. a) take b) takes c) took 6) I ... out the rubbish yesterday. a) take b) takes c) took 7) My brother ... our pet every morning. a) feed b) feeds c) fed 8) My sister ... our pet yesterday. a) feed b) feeds c) fed 9) My dad ... the plants every day. a) water b) waters c) watered  10) My dad ... the floor last weekend. a) sweep b) sweeps c) swept 11) We ... the car at the weekends. a) wash  b) washes c) washed

Tiger 6 Unit 6 Grammar 1





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