1) What community has more restaurants? a) Urban b) Rural 2) In which community you be more likely to drive to see your neighbors? a) Urban b) Rural 3) Which kind of community usually has larger yards? a) Urban b) Suburbon 4) How are urban and rural areas different? a) Rural areas have trees, urban area don't. b) Urban areas have more people and buildings. c) Rural areas have more cars and traffic. 5) How are urban and suburban areas different? a) Buildings are closer together in urban areas. b) There are stores in urban areas but not in suburban areas. c) There is less traffic in urban areas. 6) Why might people want to live in a rural area? a) There is space to grow food and have animals. b) Places are easy to walk to c) There are many stores very close together. 7) In which place would you usually find more farms? a) Suburban b) Rural 8) Why might people want to live in an urban area? a) It is quiet and calm. b) The air is clean. c) There are lots of different things to do. 9) How are suburban and rural areas different? a) People live in suburban areas, no people live in rural areas b) There are more restaurants and shops in rural areas c) There are fewer people in rural areas.





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