1) Leonardo da Vinci ... in Italy.  a) live b) lived 2) Leonardo ... an inventor and an artist. a) was b) were  3) Edward Jenner ... the vaccination. a) discover b) discovered 4) Did he .. in the USA? a) live b) lived 5) Edward Jenner ... many hobbies. a) has b) have c) had 6) Nicola Tesla ... the light bulb. a) invent b) invented 7) Thomas Edison didn’t ... the light bulb.  a) invent b) invented 8) Earle Dickson ... the plasters. a) invents b) invent c) invented 9) Did Leonardo da Vinci ... the Mona Lisa? a) paint b) painted 10) Josephine Cochrane ... the dishwasher. a) invent b) invented 11) Did Tomas Edison ... the phonograph? a) invent b) invented  12) What do we use for some questions in the Past Simple? a) Do b) Does c) Did 13) What do we use for some negatives in the Past? a) do b) didn’t c) don’t  14) He didn’t invented the vaccination.  a) Correct b) Incorrect  15) He didn’t invent the vaccination.  a) Correct  b) Incorrect 16) We didn’t played in the park.  a) Correct  b) Incorrect 17) We didn’t play in the park.  a) Correct  b) Incorrect  18) Did you visited your family?  a) Correct   b) Incorrect  19) Did you visit your family?  a) Correct  b) Incorrect  20) When we have auxiliar verbs Did/Didn’t, we don’t need to add an -ed to the main verb.  a) True b) False

T6 U5 Past regular verbs -ed





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