1) Sally: There's no milk in the fridge! Betty: Oh. I_______ get some from the shop. a) will b) 'm going to 2) The population of Valencia __________ be 2 million by the year 2050.  a) will b) is going to 3) Mum: I told you to tidy up your room. Son: Sorry, Mum, I forgot. I__________ do it after lunch. a) will b) 'm going to 4) Sally: Why don't we meet for coffee on Friday morning? Willy: Sorry. I can't. I__________ see the doctor then. a) will b) 'm going to 5) 'Tomorrow __________be a bright and sunny day everywhere in Spain" said the weatherwoman.  a) it will b) it's going to 6) Look at that big black cloud. It ___________ rain.  a) will b) 's going to 7) Sally: What are your plans for the weekend? Betty: Brad Pitt phoned. We___________ go on a picnic. a) will b) 're going to 8) Betty: Have you already bought the tickets? Sally: Don't worry. It’s all organized. I___________ visit the travel agent's tomorrow morning. a) will b) 'm going to 9) In the future people __________ have bigger heads. a) will b) are going to 10) That glass is too near the edge of the table. It ______________ fall.  a) will b) 's going to 11) Next month I ___________ buy a DVD player. I’m saving money for it. a) will b) 'm going to 12) When _____________________ have another party?  a) will you b) are you going to 13) I've got to go to the dentist this morning. _________________ come with me?  a) Will you b) Are you going to  14) Oh no! I think I ______________ sneeze. Ahchoo! a) will b) 'm going to 15) Fanny: I can't open this jar. Leslie: Give it to me. I________________do it. a) 'll b) 'm going to 16) Look! The car is coming very fast. It ______________ the child on the road. a) will hit b) is going to hit 17) If you don't clean up your own mess, I ______________ (not let) you go out with your friends.  a) won't let b) am not going to let 18) I ________________ (help) you tomorrow if you like. a) will help b) am going to help 19) Julie: There's no milk. John: I know. I _________________ (go) and get some when this TV program finishes. a) will go b) am going to go 20) Julie: There's no milk. John: Really? In that case, I _____________ (go) and get some. a) will go b) am going to go 21) The witch said, ' You_________________another love and you'll be alone for a long time.' a) will find b) are going to find

Will/be going to 9th grade




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