Julie wasn't at home. She had ____to the shops. We've already ____lunch. This was the first time she had ____her homework. They have ____painting the living room. We have ____this secret for three years. He has never ____a motorbike before. I have ____sick all week. By the time we arrived, the children had ____all the chocolate. The books had ____off the table and were all over the floor. Are you okay? I've ____ better. I'd ____my umbrella to John, so I got wet. The birds have ____south for the winter. She has finally ____. Don't worry, we haven't ____ aboutthe meeting. It had ____very cold, so we went inside. You have ____a lot of clothes recently. I'd ____a lovely new bike for my birthday, so I was keen to try it. She'd ____a cake to the party, but we didn't eat it. Have you ____which university you would like to go to yet? Have you ever ____Turkish coffee? I've ____some money to Julia. "Fair dinkum" - Had you ____ of this word before you came to Australia? She has ____about this problem for three months. Why has John ____already?

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