1) John and Sylvia are my _______. a) fathers b) parents c) mothers 2) My ________ name is Peter. He's 40 years old. a) husband's b) sister's c) wife's 3) Milly and Jane are my _______. a) daughters b) wife c) brothers. 4) What's _______ last name? a) Johns b) John's c) John 5) Diana and Tom are my _______. a) children. b) childs. c) sons. 6) This is Sarah's office. That's _______ desk. a) her b) his c) she 7) Hi. I'm George. What's _______ name? a) your b) you c) my 8) This is my husband and that's _______ house. a) our b) we c) their 9) He's my boss. _______ office is over there. a) His b) Her c) Its 10) These are my friends. _______ surname is King. a) Their b) They c) Our 11) My brother's name is Mark. _______ 27 years old. a) He's b) His c) She's 12) My _______ name is Maria. a) mum's b) father's c) dad's 13) _______ he? - It's Jordan.  a) What's b) Who's c) How's 14) Is that your chair? - No, it's _______ a) Ben b) Ben's c) Bens 15) That's James. He's Mary's _______ a) sister. b) mum. c) dad. 16) Hi, Tessa. - _______ a) Bye! b) Hello! c) Goodbye! 17) Good morning. How _______? a) are you b) you are c) are 18) _______. And you? a) I'm fine, thanks. b) I'm thanks, fine. c) I fine, thanks. 19) Goodnight! - _______ a) Goodnight! b) Good evening! c) Hello! 20) OK. _______ - Yes, bye! a) See you later. b) See later c) You see later.




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