Direct Address - Using personal pronouns such as 'you' to address the reader directly, Anecdote - A little story about something which has happened to you or someone else. This technique is often used by charities so people will empathise with the suffering, Alliteration - Repetition of the same letter or sound in a sentence to attract attention to what is being said., Fact - Using true statements to help your argument., Flattery - Saying nice things about the reader to get them on your side, Opinion - Giving yours or others’ personal view., Repetition - Important words or phrases that are repeated to emphasise their importance., Rhetorical question - A question asked to involve the reader. It doesn’t require a direct answer., Emotive Language - Emotional words or phrases that help us understand the issues and draw on our emotions., Exaggeration - To deliberately overstate something to get across your point of view, Statistics - These often include numbers and add factual weight to an argument., Triple - A word or phrase repeated three times to add emphasis and create anticipation.,




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