Do you think it's better to learn English when you are younger or when you are older? Why do you think so?, Do you have a favorite food? Could you eat this food every day? Why/not?, Do you have a favorite dessert? Could you eat this dessert every day? Why/not?, Do you love any strange, exotic foods? If yes, which ones? Why?, If you could be a professional athlete in your favorite sport, would you want to be? , What's the best movie that you have ever seen? Why was it so good?, Who's the best actor/actress ever? Which of their movies or plays do you like a lot? Why?, What's the best TV series that you have ever seen? Why was it so good?, Which is better, seeing a great movie on a Saturday evening or binging your favorite TV show all day? Why do you think so?, Which is better, going to work or going to school? Why do you think so?, Which do you prefer, morning, afternoon, or night? Why? What do you do at these times?, Do you have a favorite place in your home? How about a favorite place in your hometown? Please explain both answers., If you could win an award for being the best at something, what would you win the award for?, Who is your best friend ever? Why do you like them so much? Please explain., Who has been your best teacher ever? What made them so great? Please explain., What is your favorite holiday or festival? Why do you like it so much?, Please describe a perfect day. How is it different from your partner's perfect day?, Which is better, a beautiful winter day or a beautiful summer day? Why do you think so?, People have to finish university to get a well-paid job. Agree or disagree? Why?, You have to exercise and eat healthily if you want to live a long time. Agree or disagree? Why?, The drinking age should be lowered. Agree or disagree? Why?, You have to study hard if you want to be successful. Agree or disagree? Why?, People over 70 years old should be allowed free medical assistance. Agree or disagree? Why?, Only students who have laptops should participate in online classes. Agree or disagree? Why?, People need money to make them happy. Agree or disagree? Why?, Children under 10 should only use the internet one hour a day. Agree or disagree? Why?, Dogs are better than cats. Agree or disagree? Why?, English is easy to learn. Agree or disagree? Why?, Time is more important than money. Agree or disagree? Why?, Arriving late to a party or to meet a friend is rude. Agree or disagree? Why?, Making mistakes in English is OK if people can still understand you. Agree or disagree? Why?, I should date or marry someone with the same language and culture as me. Agree or disagree? Why?, Women will never be truly equal to men in the workplace. Agree or disagree? Why?, Celebrities earn too much money. Agree or disagree? Why?, People work harder if they are paid more money. Agree or disagree? Why?, All public universities should be free. Agree or disagree? Why?, Teachers should be paid the same as doctors or lawyers. Agree or disagree? Why?, 13-year-olds should be allowed to work legally. Agree or disagree? Why?, Guns should be illegal. Agree or disagree? Why?, English Only at ILSC is the best way to learn English. Agree or disagree? Why?.


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