⬤⬥⬤: Come and look., Yes, of course., Close the door., Fish and chips., What's the time?, Thanks a lot., ⬥⬤⬥: She saw us., I like it., You've met them., I think so., He told me., I doubt it, ⬤⬤⬥: Who saw them?, Who did it?, John rang us., Please tell me., Don't break it., ⬤⬥⬤⬥: Can't you hear me?, Don't you like it?, Pleased to meet you., Come and see us., Try to call me., Phone and tell me., ⬥⬤⬥⬤: A piece of cake., The shop was closed., It's time to go., The bus is late., It's cold and wet. , I'd like to know., ⬤⬥⬥⬤: Where do you live?, Give me a call., What was his name?, How do you do?, Where are you from?, Where do you work?,




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