What time do you usually go to sleep?, What do you usually eat for breakfast?, How long do you usually take in the shower?, When was the last time you used sunglasses?, Why did you last use a band-aid?, When was the last time you used an umbrella?, When was the last time you went swimming?, When was the last time you saw a doctor? , When was the last time you went to a friends house?, What did you do the last time you went to a friends house?, What did you do on your last vacation?, What did you eat for dinner?, Who does the washing up at your house?, What was the last thing you studied in your own time?, Who last cut your hair?, When is the last time you flew in an airplane?, When was the last time you mowed a lawn?, What do you like to do first when you get home from school?, What was the most fun job you ever had?, What is one gift you have received in the last 12 months?, What does your house look like?, What makes you feel happy?, What things make you laugh?, What do you think about before going to sleep?, Where was the last place you went out?, When is your birthday?, Where do you live?, What is your favourite type of music?, What subject did you most enjoy at school?, What is your favourite memory from last year?, What is your favourite colour?, Who takes care of sick animals?, Who usually teaches children to read?, Whose job is it to save people from a fire?, Whose job is it to take care of sick people?, Whose job is it to cook food at a restaurant?, Whose job is it to deliver your mail?, What colour is the sky during a storm?, What do people burn to keep warm?, What do cows drink?, What do people wear on their feet at the beach?, What colour are your eyes?, What do people use to keep their teeth clean?, What machine cooks a cake?, What device tells the time?, When does class start?, When is New Years Day?, When do leaves fall from trees?, Where can people rent books?, Where do people fill up their cars?, Where do people go to get their teeth fixed?, Where can people buy pets?, Why do people wear shoes?, Why do people drink water?, Why do kids go to school?, Why do people watch TV?, Why does it rain?, Why do people sleep?, Why do leaves fall?, Why do dogs bark?, Why does it snow?, Why do people get dressed up?, Why do people wear hats?, How do people chop wood?, How do people wake up on time?, How do you make a sandwich? , How well do you dance?, How does ice melt?, What time is it right now?, How did you get to school today?, How many siblings do you have?, How are you today?, What do you do on weekends?, Whose English skills do you admire from this class?, How often do you study English outside of class time?, Why are you studying English?, How often do you exercise?, When was the last time you ate fast food?, Who do you text the most?, What book did you last read?, Why is it important to eat healthily? , What are your plans for tomorrow?, When do you usually get into bed?, What did you do yesterday?, Who makes cupcakes?, Who helps a doctor?, Who fixes broken pipes?, What is the name of someone who writes books?, What are the colours of a rainbow?, What does grass smell like?, What food do bees make?, Why do people wear gloves?, Why do people work out?, When did you last eat chocolate?, Why do people water flowers?, How do people learn how to walk?, How do scissors work?, How does a door work?, How do you start a fire?, How do people make a snowman?.


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