You made an outspoken comment. Your friend is really sad and confused now., You did not know that your friend was in hospital. (lose touch, give a ring), You missed your train, had to wait for the next one for 4 hours and were late for an important meeting. (leave, go shopping), You have eaten too much ice-cream and feel unwell now., You have barely enough money to make ends meet before the pay day., You didn’t believe your friend but he was telling the truth., You’ve got a terrible splitting headache., You shouted at your girlfriend / boyfriend yesterday and now she/he’s really angry and doesn’t want to talk to you., You are broke because you spent all your money on avocado toasts., You forgot to write an email to one of your key clients and they are dissatisfied with the service., You forgot to take an umbrella with you and now you are soaked to the skin., You watched a new film everyone is talking about and it was a bit of a letdown., You got stuck in a traffic jam and missed your flight., You broke your arm when you slipped on the ice because you were busy texting and were not paying attention., You forgot to water the plants and some of them have died., Your best player got injured at the beginning of the game and your team lost an important match., You ate a lot of street food and came down with food poisoning., Your feet are freezing. You are out in the forest and your feet are freezing. , Your job interview did not go too well., Your manager is critical of your performance during the last quarter., You got a parking ticket this morning., You couldn’t sleep last night. Your neighbours kept playing loud music until 3 am..

[BE B2+/C1] [Unit 1] [Lesson 10] [should(n't) have done] [HT]




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