The phone you just purchased fell off your dresser and the screen broke. You need to have the screen repaired. Another $80 down the drain., You got a money from your grandma in the mail- $20!, Your elderly neighbor needs help moving some furniture. You decide to help. She gives you twenty bucks for your effort., You lost $15.00 and it fell out of your pocket. Minus this from your account., The floor you just mopped is slippery. Oh no, you slip and chip your tooth. Dentist charges you $200 to fix your tooth., You just turned 21 and decide to go to the casino and try your hand at $1 slots. You lose $20 in 5 minutes. You decide maybe the casino wasn’t the best choice., You find $5.00 on the ground. You lucky duck., A family friend dies and you give them a card with $20.00 cash in it., it is your birthday your parents give you $100, You put on an old coat and find a $20 bill in it!, You borrowed your friend’s video game. It broke!! Buy a new one - $50, You watch your grandma's dog. She pays you $20.00 for helping her out., You buy a $10 lotto ticket on a whim. Congratulations! You just won $50!, Your friend hurt his ankle! You offer to walk his dog for him. He pays you $20.00 for helping., You stick your hand into your coat pocket. There’s $10.00 you forgot you stuck in there!, Your favorite band is coming in concert. Buy a ticket for 55.00, You went fishing without a license. You get caught $100.00 fine., You lost your wallet and the $55 in it :(, It is time for your yearly check up with your doctor. Pay the $25.00 copay., Your team at work has made record sales. Your boss rewards you with $100.00 bonus, A coworker can’t work their shift. They give you $20.00 for taking it. Plus $40.00 earned for extra hours., It is time to get some dental work done. You have really good insurance. It only cost you $88.00, While putting clean dishes away, your plates fell off the counter and broke. $25.00 to replace., You ran into your Grandma and Grandpa at the park. They are so happy to see you they give you. $40.00, You burn yourself getting food out of the oven. You go to the doctor. You have to pay the $25.00 deductible., Time to do Laundry you have to use the Apartments washer and dryer. You spend $13.50 in quarters to do all your wash., Your Neighbor is elderly you help him with his mail and trash cans. He gives you $10.00, You matched the powerball number! You win $2, You are out for a walk and run into an old friend you decide to go get coffee to catch up with. You spend $16.75 on coffee and a snack., Your account is overdrawn, pay $25 penalty, You packed your grocery bags to full at the self-checkout! The bag breaks when you walk in your door! $15.00 to replace broken groceries., Your neighbor goes on vacation and asks you to feed her snake. $25 for feeding the snake mice., You feed your neighbors cat while they are away. They pay you $30.00 for helping them out., You buy a scratch ticket. Luck is on your side you won $150.00., Your friend finally pays you back the money they owe you. Add $100 to your account., You have a cold so you get some medicine and tissues at Walgreens and spend $14., Your cousin is getting married. Give them a card with $30.00 in it., Oops, you sat on your new glasses. $100 to replace those prescription glasses., You drop your new Badger ball cap in the mud. It”s ruined. $16 to replace., It’s your friends birthday. Take him out to dinner and spend $50., You have not been eating healthy and have to go to the doctor due to tummy aches. Pay your copay $50.00, The dryer in the apartment is out of order. Head to the laundromat and spend $10, You are so overdue for a haircut you have a mullet. Go get a haircut at great clips $17.00, You fell down your friends stairs. Their Homeowners insurance paid you $500 for your medical bills., Your new flower pot broke in the wind. $30 for a new ceramic pot., You have not done dishes for a week. Your kitchen stinks!. Have to buy a diffuser and dish soap. $30.00, You lost your ID card. Go to the DMV to get a replacement and pay $28., Oh no!! It’s hot out and you are breaking out in pimples. $15 for zit cream., You get $25.00 from your parents for Easter., You find $20.00 in a pair of jeans you recently bought at GoodWill. Lucky!, You lost the key to your apartment. The landlord charges $20 to replace it., Your closet smells awful. You need some damp rid moisture absorber. 12.99 @ Target, Summer is coming. You can't not reach your toes. You love wearing sandals but do not want anyone to see how bad your toenails have gotten.You get a pedicure $55.00, It's finally nice out so you go to the park. You get bit by mosquitos. Get some anti itch cream. $7.00, You spill grape juice on your new dry clean only shirt. Take it to the cleaners. $15.00 to remove the stain. stain., Auntie comes to see your new apartment. She gives you $100 so you can decorate your bare walls. , You accidently drop your electric tooth brush in the toilet and now its not working. Get a new oral B. $60.00 , Mom comes over and sees you have no food. She gives you $50.00 to help you out., Your buddy spills his coke all over your new table cloth. $10.00 for a new one., It's storming a lot. The power keeps going out, Buy some candles. $20.00, You just can't deal with your straight hair anymore. Go get a perm. $60.00, Your eating habits are terrible and you are gaining weight. Buy the Lose it app. for $40.00, You knocked your laptop off the table. Broken screen. Get it fixed. $150.00, Too much spicy chinese food last night and now you have heartburn. Get some pepcid AC $7.99, Lucky you- FREE PASS Nothing Good/Nothing Bad, You left your backpack at the park. When you go back for it, the backpack is gone. $40 to replace, Bad news- The company you work for is closing- you have 2 weeks of pay left. Find a new job to replace your old one!, Your favorite water bottle melted in the dishwasher. You decide to get one that is dishwasher safe. Buy a Hydroflask for $35, You bet on the Bucks and won $100.00, You and your buddy who has a car go to the zoo. He forgets to lock the car door and the $10 you left in the middle console for lunch is stolen., You drop your electric razor and it shatters. Replace it for $59, It is your work review you get a bonus of $.50 an hour, Poker night with your buddines. You get lucky and win $75!, You went for Kwik trip and the cashier gives you the wrong change. You get an extra $10, You went to your friends house for dinner and accidently knocked over a crystal vase. You give him $50 to replace , You bet on Green Bay and Lost $100.00, You bet on Milwaukee Brewers and won $120.00, Your grandma sends you $50.00 cuz she loves you..


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