The last time you played a game or sport, A person who you met last week , What you had for lunch yesterday , Your last holiday , A frightening experience you had, What you did before class, The last time you went to the cinema , A town or city you lived in when you were a child , A restaurant you went to recently , A house you lived in when you were a child , The last time you went to a park , Something interesting you did last week , The last time you slept in, The last time you went out with friends , How you came to class today , What you did last weekend , The last time you were bored , The last time you spent a lot of money , The last time you felt very tired , A party you didn't enjoy very much, A hobby you used to have but don't anymore, The first time you went overseas, What you studied in your last English class , The last time you cooked for someone else , The last time you walked for over an hour, A place you visited last year , The last time you went to a zoo or an amusement park, A memorable experience with your family, The last time you came home late , What you did on your first day in Melbourne .

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