You meet a friend after an English class. Suggest you go for a meal., You see a friend you haven't seen for a long time. Greet him/her and ask about his/her life., You are on a tram. Ask a fellow passenger which stop you need for the hospital., You are in the theatre. Your neighbour keeps talking. Say something to them., You are in a supermarket. You beed to buy some toothbrushes but you can't find any. Ask the shop assistant for help., It's a nice spring day. Ask your friend to go for a walk., You are planning a night out. Your friend wants to go to the cinema. You want to go to a restaurant. Suggest this to your friend., You meet a friend to go to a birthday party. Greet him/her and ask if he/she has brought a present. , You have had a drink in a café. You are in a hurry to leave. Ask the waiter for the bill., You asked your boss to give you Monday off work to go to a concert. You need to buy the tickets today. Ask him/her again. , You are in a hospital and looking for the X-ray department. Stop a nurse in the corridor and ask for directions., You are on a train. A passenger opposite you starts to cry. Ask what the matter is., You are in Hungarian restaurant with a friend. Ask him/her what he/she is going to order., You meet an old school friend in the supermarket. Greet him/her and ask him/her how he/she is., You are at the train station struggling with your heavy suitcase. You ask a passer-by to help., You are at the hairdresser's. Ask the hairdresser for advice about your hair. , You are travelling in the US and you realize that you have lost your passport. Ask a police officer for help., You are on a very expensive three-day skiing holiday. It's nearly midday and the lifts haven't started yet because of the strong wind. Ask the assistant in the local tourist information office for information..

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