1) My hair isn't as ... as yours. a) long b) longer c) the longest 2) October is .... than June. a) cold b) colder c) the coldest 3) Dog is ... pet in the world. a) good b) better c) the best 4) His new book is ... than the previous one. a) interesting b) more interesting c) the most interesting 5) My computer isn't as ... as my dad's one. a) modern b) more modern c) the most modern 6) That's ... meal I have ever eaten. a) as delicious as b) more delicious c) the most delicious 7) The picture on the left is ... than the picture on the right. a) low b) the lowest c) lower 8) Who is ... person in your family? a) shorter b) as short as c) the shortest 9) These sofas are ... than ours. a) as comfortable as b) more comfortable c) the most comfortable 10) She is ... now than she was last year a) more happy b) the happiest c) happier 11) I always tell the ... jokes. a) funniest b) funnier c) funny 12) She is still ill. She looks even ... than last week. a) badder b) worse c) the worst 13) What is ... car at the moment? a) the most expensive b) expensive c) more expensive 14) This road is the ... in the country. a) widder b) wider c) the widest 15) What is .... animal in the world? a) smallest b) small c) the smallest 16) Warsaw is ... Katowice. a) bigger than b) bigger c) big 17) He is ... person in my family. a) the tallest b) taller c) as tall as 18) Watching TV is .... as listening to music. a) more relaxing than b) the most relaxing c) as relaxing




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