1) I've got... homework today. a) a lot of b) many c) a few d) a 2) There aren't ...restaurants in my city. a) a little b) a few c) much d) many 3) He came home, ate ... food and went to bed. a) a few b) a little c) a d) an 4) How ... children do they have? a) much b) a lot c) many d) some 5) You don't need .... money to buy this book. a) a few b) any c) some d) much 6) How ... hours do you work a week? a) any b) many c) some d) much 7) Can you give me ... advice? a) some b) many c) any d) a 8) She didn't want to answer ... questions, not even one. a) many b) much c) some d) any 9) There isn't ... furnuture in my room, only a bed and a desk. a) any b) some c) much d) many 10) His parents want him to be .... good student. a) some b) a c) any d) an




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