Brittle - hard but easily broken, Colour - how a material looks to the human eye, Conductivity - the ability of a material to conduct heat or electricity., Ductile - can be stretched into wire., Elasticity - ability if a material to resume normal shape after bending, Flexible - can be bent, Hard - difficult to scratch or squash, Luster - Metals are shiny when cut, scratched, or polished, Magnetic - attracted to a magnet, Malleable - can be beaten into thin sheets., Natural - Not man-made, Opaque - you cannot see through it, Plasticity - can change in shape permanently, Rigid - cannot be bent, Shiny - Reflects Light, Smooth - Even Surface, Stiffness - the extent to which a material resists being bent., Strong - difficult to break, Synthetic - man-made, Tensile Strength - can stretch without breaking or snapping., Toughness - ability of a material to withstand being hit or knocked., Translucent - you can see through it a bit, Transparent - you can see completely through it, Waterproof - does not soak up water or let water through, Thermosetting Plastic - A Plastic that cannot be Recycled, Thermoplastic - A Plastic that can be Recycled, Ferrous Metal - A metal that is magnetic and contains iron, Non-Ferrous Metal - A metal that is non-magnetic and does not contain iron, Smart Material - A material that can react to its environment,

Engineering Material Properties: when we talk about materials, we are really talking about PROPERTIES





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