Bacon's Rebellion - armed rebellion led by Virginia Settlers, A charter - A written agreement, Constitutional Monarchy - Ran by the King and the appointed governor , Colonial Legislature - elected by property owning males, cash crop - crop that is grown to sell for profit, subsistence crops - grown as food for livestock or family, middle colonies - rich farmland & moderate climate, southern colonies - fertile farmlands for cash crops, Southern - economy based on agriculture (farming), New England - economy based on manufacturing, Middle - economy thrived on production or grains (known as the Breadbasket colonies), cause of Bacon's Rebellion - high taxes, low pricing for tobacco, favoritism to Native Americans, French & Indian War - war between French & England over unclaimed land and westward expansion, Treaty of Paris - signified the end of the French & Indian War, Proclamation Line - boundary line separating the British colonies and Indian land,




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