1) I haven't cleaned my car yet. a) past perfect b) present perfect c) present perfect progressive 2) Can you give me your phone number? a) simple present b) present progressive c) conditional 3) I will have to find a really cool costume for the party. a) present perfect b) will-future c) present progressive 4) Did you know that Bonn was once the capital of Germany? a) simple present b) past perfect c) simple past 5) I have been staying at home since Monday. a) present perfect progressive b) present perfect c) past progressive 6) She sang a beautiful song at the wedding. a) simple present b) past progressive c) simple past 7) She had called her friend before she went to the supermarket. a) past perfect b) simple past c) present perfect 8) My house was built in 1948. a) simple past b) past perfect c) past progressive 9) While I was going to school, my mum was driving to work. a) past perfect b) past progressive c) present perfect 10) Is the Spaghetti Bolognese made with meat? a) simple past b) simple present c) past progressive 11) They've been texting each other for weeks now. a) present perfect b) past perfect c) present perfect progressive 12) Have you thought about the consequences? a) simple past b) present perfect c) simple present 13) The weather won't be as good as Monday tomorrow. a) will-future b) simple present c) simple past 14) Whisky has been produced in Scotland for 500 years. a) present perfect b) present perfect progressive c) past perfect 15) What are you talking about? a) present perfect b) present progressive c) simple present





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