Correct: She likes chocolate., I go to school on Monday. , She is playing a computer game now., He wants to play Minecraft., She never gets up at 6 o'clock., I'm eating pizza at the moment., My mother is cooking dinner now., My father watches TV in the evening., I don't like going to school., He doesn't always do his homework., Szandra cooks dinner every evening., Tomi drives to work every day., I write e-mails every day., She is writing an e-mail now., Is she sitting now?, What are you reading now?, Are you sleeping? , Jack loves Poppy., He doesn't want to cry., Does he have 6 lessons a day?, Incorrect: He like Minecraft., I going to school on Monday., She are playing a game now., He is plays games., She never get up at 6 o'clock., She is eat chocolate now., My father watch TV now., Tomi works now., She work in a bank., He is doing his homework every day., Norbi like playing with his friends., Tomi drive to work every day., She write e-mails every day., She are writing an e-mail now., He sits now., What do you read at the moment?, Do she sleep?, Joe love Jill., She want to go home., Does he having an English lesson now?,




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