1) The weather was really bad, so we didn't go .... a) nowhere b) anywhere 2) We shouted for help but ... could hear us. a) nobody b) somebody 3) ... phoned me while I was having a shower. a) Anybody b) Somebody 4) I can't find my mobile ... a) anywhere b) somewhere 5) We looked .... but we didn't find the passport. a) somewhere b) everywhere 6) Listen! I can hear ... talking in the hall. a) somebody b) something 7) She works ... in the city center but I don't know exactly where. a) something b) somewhere 8) I was sad because .... tried my cake. a) nobody b) anybody 9) I'd like to go .... hot this year. a) something b) somewhere 10) Did you get ... nice for your birthday? a) nothing b) anything 11) I didn't go to the concert because ... told me about it. a) nobody b) nothing 12) ... should learn a foreign language because it's really important. a) Somebody b) Everybody

All Clear Klasa 8 Some/any/no compounds




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