1) I don't enjoy ... horror films. a) to watch b) watching 2) I asked my brother ... me. a) to help b) helping 3) We have decided ... into London. a) to move b) moving 4) Are you keen on ... football? a) to play b) playing 5) She is fond of ... . a) to sing b) singing 6) It's easy ... English. a) to learn b) learning 7) I need to go to the supermarket ... some food. a) to buy b) buying 8) She is good at .... maths problems. a) to solve b) solving 9) I'm looking forward ... from you. a) to hear b) to hearing 10) The teacher wants us ... more exercises. a) to do b) doing 11) I don't mind .... from time to time. a) to cook b) cooking 12) I am planning .... a new foreig language. a) to learn b) learning 13) Do you like ... fast food? a) to eat b) eating 14) My mum would like ... Japan one day. a) to visit b) visiting 15) My best friend offered ... me with homework. a) to help b) helping




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