1) Photosynthesis is the process where green plants covert light energy into..?  a) Biological energy b) Chemical energy c) Physical energy d) Geothermal energy 2) Where does photosynthesis occur? a) Roots b) Leaves c) Xylem d) Phloem 3) Photosynthesis produces what type of sugar? a) Sucrose b) Glucose c) Lactose d) Starch 4) What is responsible for the green colour in plants? a) Stomata b) Stem c) Chloroplast d) Cell wall 5) Which of these are needed for photosynthesis to take place? a) Carbon dioxide, glucose, water  b) Oxygen, carbon dioxide, sunlight c) Water, glucose, sunlight d) Carbon dioxide, sunlight, water 6) In plants, water is absorbed by the..? a) Leaves b) Chloroplasts c) Stems d) Roots 7) Which of these CANNOT photosynthesize? a) Oak tree b) Rose c) Mushroom d) Algae 8) Energy produced during photosynthesis can be stored by plants in what form? a) Sucrose b) Starch c) Cellulose d) Maltose 9) Carbon dioxide enters the leaves through small openings called? a) Cell wall b) Roots c) Xylem d) Stomata 10) Which of these is correct?  a) Carbon dioxide is released during photosynthesis b) Water is released during photosynthesis c) Oxygen is released during photosynthesis d) Chlorophyll is released during photosynthesis




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