Photosynthesis is a ____ process that plants use to convert ____ and water into ____. Plants are known as ____, they use ____ energy to make, or produce, their own ____. All other organisms are consumers. This is because they ____ make their own food, so they need to ____ or consume plants or animals. The process of photosynthesis is commonly written as: ____ + ____ → ____ + ____. This means that the six ____ molecules and ____ water molecules, are converted by light energy, into one ____ molecule and six ____ molecules. The sugar is used or stored by the plant as ____, and the oxygen is ____ as a by-product. Photosynthesis takes place in the ____. Carbon dioxide enters through pores called ____. Small cells in the leaves, called chloroplasts absorb ____. ____ are responsible for the ____ colour of plants. ____ is absorbed by the roots and passes through the ____ to the leaves. Sunlight provides the ____ used to split ____ molecules into H + ____. The ____ is released into the atmosphere. Sugar, or ____, is formed from the ____ + ____ molecules.

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