1) Mark said he ... in a big city. a) live b) lives c) lived 2) He said they .... watching TV then. a) are watching b) was watching c) were watching 3) My mum said I ... tidy my room. a) had to b) must c) have to 4) They said they .... to New York a year before. a) went b) had gone c) have gone 5) Dan asked me ... sushi? a) if I ever ate b) if have I eaten c) if I had ever eaten 6) He asked me ... a) where do you live b) where I lived c) where did I live 7) John informed me he ... in history. a) isn't interested b) wasn't interested c) if he is interested 8) Tim said he .... any famous politicians. a) doesn't know b) hasn't known c) didn't know 9) She said she .... a new song. a) had just downloaded b) just downloaded c) has just downloaded 10) They said they .... to music then. a) listen b) are listening c) were listening 11) They asked where... a) Sue was b) Sue is c) was Sue 12) Mum asked me what ... a) I was doing b) was I doing c) I am doing 13) My friend said they ... swim faster than me. a) can b) could c) are able to 14) She asked me ... classes. a) if I often missed b) if I often miss c) do you often miss 15) He informed me that he ... the project a month before. a) did b) had done c) does

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