1) I ... this car for a year. a) have b) have had c) had 2) I don't have any plans, maybe I ... some friends. a) am going to visit b) visit c) will visit 3) Look! She .... the same dress. a) is wearing b) wears c) wear 4) We .... this house a year ago. a) buy b) bought c) have bought 5) She .... swimming once a week. a) goes b) has gone c) go 6) I ... part in a protest last weekend. a) have taken b) will take c) took 7) Wait! I ... you with these bags. a) am helping b) will help c) am going to help 8) Look at these clouds, it.... a) will rain b) is going to rain c) is raining 9) You can turn off the radio, I ... to it. a) don't listen b) haven't listened c) am not listening 10) I'm sorry but I .... your laptop. a) broke b) break c) have broken 11) At 9 pm yesterday I ... with my friend. a) chat b) chatted c) was chatting 12) They .... conditionals this week. a) study b) will study c) are studying 13) He .... here for 10 years. a) has worked b) is working c) works 14) I never .... early at the weekends. a) getting up b) have got up c) get up 15) I think she ... the tournament. a) will win b) wins c) is winning 16) I can't go with you, I .... my parents. a) am going to meet b) meet c) am meeting 17) When I .... a little girl, I used to draw a lot. a) has been b) was c) were 18) While I .... TV, my mum came back home. a) watched b) was watching c) have watched 19) My mum hardly ever .... coffee. a) has drunk b) is drinking c) drinks 20) Josh .... started the course yet. a) didn't start b) won't start c) hasn't started




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