1) He can be quite generous at _____. a) times b) occasions 2) The work has to be finished today at all _____. a) expenses b) costs 3) He felt completely at ______ with telling others what to do. a) ease b) comfort 4) Susie spoke at great ______ about her charity. a) width b) length 5) We must leave at ______. a) now b) once 6) She cancelled the appointment at very short ______. a) note b) notice 7) It was a great show by all _______. a) accounts b) storie 8) Did you go to the fundraising event by any _____? a) chance b) luck 9) It was the best performance by _____. a) afar b) far 10) She learned all the words by _______. a) mind b) heart 11) He's friendly by ______. a) character b) nature 12) She caught him completely by ______. a) fright b) surprise 13) Let's play cards for a difference/change to pass the time. a) difference b) change 14) They left the UK for ______ to move to Asia. a) good b) better 15) Just wait here for the time ______. a) being b) doing

use of english Unit 1 Develop your Use of English Skills ex.1




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