1) We'll notify you on ____ of your application. a) agreement b) support c) approval 2) On _____ of all of us, thanks for your efforts.  a) behalf b) demand c) behaviour 3) I'll come with you on _____that we leave early.  a) event b) condition c) situation 4) There are only three rescue workers on ______ .  a) duty b) work c) task 5) The difficult work had him on his ______ .  a) knees b) arms c) legs 6) The costumes which the actors wore were  on _____. a) advance b) loan c) borrow 7) They're building a refugee shelter on the ______ of town. a) limits b) bounds c) outskirts 8) I'm sure that was no accident and she did it on _____ .  a) purpose b) reason c) point 9) The charity fundraiser featured signed books and photos on _____ . a) deal b) purchase c) sale 10) Today's neighbourhood clean-up started on ______ .  a) schedule b) agenda c) programme 11) She was on good _____ with the members of the committee. a) boundaries b) limits c) terms 12) The project was, on the _____ , very successful.  a) a top b) total c) whole

use of english Unit 1 Develop your Use of English Skills ex.3




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