1) what is a ferrous metal? a) A type of cheese b) A Greek Salad c) A bread of bird d) a metal that contains iron e) a metal that floats in soup f) an insect 2) what type of metal is Aluminium? a) frozen b) floppy c) green d) edible e) Non-Ferrous f) Invisible 3) what is a non-ferrous metal? a) a type of pea b) a metal with wings c) a molten metal d) a bread of dog e) a metal that does not contain iron f) a small farm in wales 4) what is a smart material? a) a material in a suit b) a material that can speak French c) a material that can go skiing d) a material that can change its properties e) a material that is capable of making a coffee f) a material that only works on a Thursday 5) What is a Thermoplastic a) a plastic that is always hot b) a plastic that lives underground c) a plastic that can be recycled d) a plastic electrician e) a type of pipe f) a very tasty plastic 6) what is a Thermoset Plastic a) a frozen plastic b) a plastic that is similar to jelly c) a plastic that is always purple d) a plastic that cannot be recycled e) a plastic that goes well with chips f) a plastic that never gives up




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