1) ...be able to jump as high as a kangaroo OR hold your breath as long as a whale? 2) ...be really good at math OR really good at sports? 3) ...live in a forest OR live near the ocean? 4) ...have your room redecorated however you want OR 10 toys of your choice (can be any price)? 5) ...visit the international space station for a week OR stay in an underwater hotel for a week? 6) ...be able to control fire OR water? 7) ...dance in front of 1000 people OR sing in front of 1000 people? 8) ...be bulletproof OR be able to survive a fall from any height? 9) ...eat a whole raw onion OR a whole lemon? 10) ...have a personal robot OR a jet-pack? 11) ...never have any homework OR be paid $10/hour for doing your homework? 12) ...have eyes that change color depending on your mood OR hair that changes color depending on the temperature? 13) ...have an elephant-sized cat OR a cat-sized elephant? 14) ...own a hot-air balloon OR a sailboat? 15) ...eat a worm OR a grasshopper? 16) ...have your very own house next to your parent’s house OR live with your parents in a house that’s twice the size of the one you live in now? 17) ...live in a cave OR a tree house? 18) ...be wildly popular on the social media platform of your choice OR have an extremely popular podcast? 19) ...have 10 mosquito bites or 1 bee sting? 20) ...have a private movie theater OR your own private arcade?


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