1) How could you start your email? a) Dear (name of manager) b) So c) Hello 2) Choose the first sentence a) There was problem in the kitchen yesterday. b) Yesterday something broken in kitchen. c) There is problem yesterday. 3) Choose a problem to report a) The hot water heater stopped working. b) The water not heating. c) No possible make hot water. 4) Choose what you did about the problem. a) I say not hot drink today to people. b) I used the kettle to boil water. c) Not serve any person drinks. 5) Say what you want your manager to do a) Get new heater straight away. b) You need it be fixed. c) Can you get someone to fix it quickly please. 6) Sign off correctly a) Thank you for your help. b) I can't work with broken hot water. c) Thanks




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