1) What are the three main ingredients in Aveda's Stress Fix Composition Oil? a) Sunflower, Chamomile and Jojoba Oil b) Manderin, Cade and Lavender Oil c) Chamomile, Lavender and Sunflower Oil 2) Should hairspray be used as a... a) Styling product b) Finishing product c) Blowdrying product 3) Why would a stylist use curling tongs to bend the ends of the hair before pinning into style? a) To make the hair easier and faster to pin up b) Curling tongs are good fun and easy to use c) To make the hair look pretty and to waste time 4) A client comes in with freshly washed, poker straight hair that will not hold any style. What is the first thing you should? a) Apply extensions and suggest a different style b) Refuse the client c) Apply products and blast dry with a hairdryer 5) What basic but effective technique would you use to get volume? a) Blowdrying b) Backcombing c) Frontcombing 6) What is the name given to the style you just did? a) Hair up with a ponytail b) Pull through ponytail c) French pull ponytail

Hair styling - hairdressing quiz




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