STARTING : Why don’t we start by…?, Let’s begin with…, We could start by talking about…, Shall we… first?, DEVELOPING IDEAS : I completely agree because…, I hadn’t thought of that. We could also…, That’s a good idea, and…, KEEPING THE DISCUSSION MOVING: What about this one? What do you make of it?, Let’s move on to the next one., Moving on to the next one,…, Shall we move on to…?, EXPRESSING OPINIONS: The way I see it…, As far as I’m concerned…, If you ask me…, To my mind…, ASKING FOR OPINION: What do you think/recon?, What are your thoughts on that?, Don’t you think so?, How do you feel about that?, REACHING A DECISION: I’d go along with you because…, So, do we agree that…?, Perhaps this one should go first because…,

RFF - 3.5 - Collaborative task (Speaking Part 3&4)

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