school - Arthur is getting ready to go. He is waiting for the bus. He has his backpack and lunchbox, and is excited to see his friends. He is going to..., zoo - Molly is going on a field trip today. She will ride on a bus with her friends. They are going to see lots of animals. They are going to the..., aquarium - Today I am going on a special trip! I am going to see animals that live under the water. I might get to feed some penguins. I am going to the..., playground - Today I am going for a drive. I will ride in the car with my family. When we get there, I will play on the slide and the monkey bars. I am going to the..., farm - Today, I am going to ride a horse! I am a little bit scared, because horses are big! I will go to the..., library - I want to read a new book! I have read all the stories in my house, and I need to find a new one. I need to go to the ,





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