1) What is the first element on the Periodic Table? a) Hydrogen b) Helium c) Oganneson d) Krypton 2) How many stable isotopes of Hydrogen are there? a) Four b) Three c) Two d) One 3) What is the name of the second isotope of hydrogen? a) Tritium b) Deuterium c) It doesn't have a name d) Protium 4) What is a peroxide? a) A molecule with a single bond with two oxygen atoms b) A molecule that has two oxygen atoms c) A measurement based off of how many oxygen atoms there are per thing d) Another name for carbon dioxide 5) What element is better to use in balloons? a) Hydrogen b) Lithium c) Helium d) Argon 6) What is the chemical number of nitrogen? a) 8 b) 6 c) 5 d) 9 7) What is the chemical symbol for sodium? a) Na b) S c) Sd d) So 8) Who invented the periodic table? a) Albert Ghiorso b) Thomas Edison c) Bill Clinton d) Abraham Lincoln 9) What is the chemical number of oganesson? a) 112 b) 117 c) 118 d) 115 10) What is the percentage of protium isotopes of hydrogen compared to other isotopes of hydrogen? a) 99.99% b) 100% c) 99.98% d) 99.97




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