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1) How many are in a dozen? 2) What Ocean do we swim in? 3) Name a candy with nuts. 4) Name our President. 5) Name a fruit with seeds. 6) How many legs does a spider have? 7) If you freeze water, what do you get? 8) What colors are on our flag? 9) Where does our president live? 10) What is non-fiction? 11) How many planets are in our solar system? 12) Which Disney movie is Elsa in? 13) Who is Mickey Mouse's girlfriend? 14) What do caterpillars turn into? 15) What month is Halloween in? 16) What do bees make? 17) Who is Batman's best friend? 18) How many colors are in a rainbow? 19) Which animal is the tallest in the world? 20) Which is the fastest animal in the world? 21) What dog helps solve mysteries? 22) Name a sport that uses a basket. 23) What green fruit do you put in guacamole? 24) What does a thermometer measure?




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