1) After the performance, the pianist took a bow. a) a weapon used for shooting arrows b) a knot made with one or two loops, ex: on a present c) to bend the body forward at the waist d) a rod with horsehairs used for playing a stringed instrument 2) When the man proposed, he presented a ring. a) a circular shape b) a circular band for the finger; jewelry c) a sound of bells 3) A set of two a) pear b) pair 4) I caught a bass yesterday. a) a string instrument with a low pitch b) a type of fish 5) That is a novel idea! a) a fictional book b) new and original 6) To disagree a) descent b) dissent 7) An amount of money paid a) fair b) fare 8) A color a) blue b) blew 9) The kids were making a racket in the backyard. a) loud noise b) a sports equipment for hitting a ball 10) The patient was nervous for the procedure. a) tolerable of problems or delays without annoyance b) a person receiving a medical service 11) ---- puppy is the cutest thing I've ever seen! a) They're b) There c) Their 12) I am almost done with the puzzle, but I cannot find the last ------. a) piece b) peace 13) Since I am gluten free, I have to buy special gluten free ----- for baking. a) flower b) flour 14) That smell is -----. a) fowl b) foul 15) I bought an antique clock in mint condition. a) a place where coins and money is made b) an herb used for flavor c) like new 16) The look on my mother's face told me this is a grave situation. a) very serious or solemn b) a resting place for the dead 17) I found out that my new classmate loves Rocket League ---! a) to b) too c) two 18) I have a goal setting sheet where I log the miles I run. a) a part of a trunk of a tree or branch b) to record information 19) In the winter the trees are very ----. a) bear b) bare 20) "I'm ----!" she yelled when she entered the house. a) here b) hear




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