1) Choose the odd word. a) Actor b) Ballerina c) Director d) Choreographer e) Dancer f) Curtain 2) Choose the odd word. a) violinist b) pianist c) orchestra d) magician e) vocalist f) drummer 3) Choose the odd word. a) footlight b) art gallery c) cinema d) theater e) restaurant f) nightclub 4) Choose the odd word. a) aisle b) row c) stage d) screen e) composer f) scenery 5) Choose the odd word. a) carving b) selling c) drawing d) knitting e) pottery f) sewing 6) Choose the odd word. a) ballet b) concert c) cast d) exhibition e) film f) play 7) Choose the odd word. a) Thriller b) Play c) Sci-fi d) Documentary e) Comedy f) Rom com 8) Choose the odd word. a) Playwright b) Cartoon c) Game show d) Reality show e) Sitcom f) Soap 9) Choose the odd word. a) perform b) exhibit c) explain d) conduct e) boo f) applaud 10) Choose the correct meaning for this word "Circus": a) A building where objects of historical, scientific, or artistic interest are kept. b) A theatre where people pay to watch films. c) A building where works of art can be seen by the public d) A place where meals are prepared and served.to customers e) A group of traveling performers who usually act in a large tent. f) A large closed area of land with rows of seats around the sides and often with no roof, used for sports events and musical performances 11) Choose the correct meaning for this word "audience": a) The group of people together in one place to watch or listen to a play, film or someone speaking b) A female ballet dancer c) Someone who plays a drum or a set of drums, especially in a music group d) A person who has magic powers in stories, or who performs tricks for entertainment e) A person who makes the practical and financial arrangements needed to make a film, play, or television or radio programme f) A person who writes music 12) Choose the correct meaning for this word "footlight": a) A piece of electrical equipment through which recorded or broadcast sound can be heard b) A piece of equipment that you speak into to make your voice louder, or to record your voice or other sounds. c) A long, narrow space between rows of seats in an cinema or a theatre. d) The area in a theater, often raised above ground level, on which actors or entertainers perform e) The arrangement of lights used in a room, house, theatre, etc. f) A row of lights along the front of a stage at a theatre




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