1) Who mended the water butt? a) Kipper b) Mum c) Dad 2) How did Dad get wet? a) The water butt burst. b) The children splashed him. c) The hose burst. 3) Who mended the hose? a) Chip b) Mum c) Dad 4) How did Mum get wet? a) The top of the tap came off. b) The water butt burst. c) She fell in the pond. 5) How did Dad get wet for the second time? a) He fell in the pond. b) The water butt fell over. c) He forgot his umbrella at home. 6) How did Mum get wet for the second time? a) Kipper turned the tap on. b) She jumped in a puddle. c) She forgot her umbrella at home. 7) How did the children get wet? a) The hose burst. b) They fell in a pond. c) They jumped in a puddle.





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