1) A tool Used to cut Card a) Hammer b) Scissors c) Spatula d) Glue Stick e) Screwdriver f) Pillar Drill 2) A tool used to draw a straight line a) lemon b) compass c) lathe d) Ruler 3) Used to draw a Circle a) Ruler b) Steel Ruler c) Vernier Callipers d) Compass 4) A Tool used to Mark a Hole a) Centre Punch b) Twist Drill c) Masking tape d) Pin Punch 5) Made from folded wire  a) Worktop b) Paper clip c) Scissors d) Ruler e) Pencil 6) Used to cut wood a) Tennon Saw b) Steel Ruler c) Try Square d) Sore 7) Machine used to Drill holes a) Buffing Machine b) Centre lathe c) Band saw d) Pillar Drill 8) A machine used to polish metal a) Metal polish b) Buffing Machine c) Grinding Wheel d) Band saw 9) A machine used to cut wood a) Band saw b) Pilar Drill c) Buffing Machine d) Milling Machine 10) A natural wood a) MDF b) Plywood c) Oak d) Contiboard




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