1) Name three books that ______ (make) into films 2) Name three things that _____ (use) by artists 3) Name three things that ______ (invent) in the last 25 years 4) Name three programs that _______ (install) on your computer 5) Name three sports that ________ (play) in teams 6) Name three things that cannot _______ (do) alone 7) Name three animals that ______(find) in Africa 8) Name three things that ________ (produce) in your country 9) Name three languages that ______(speak) in Europe 10) Name three popular TV shows that _______ (watch) in your country 11) Name three famous buildings that ______(build) more than 1000 years ago. 12) Name three national dishes that _____ (eat) in your country (or Scotland!! 13) Name three singers that ________ (born) in the U.K. 14) Name three things that_______ (make) from leather 15) Name three movies that ________ (show) on Netflix this year




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