What do you prefer: shopping for food or shopping for other items?, Tell us about a time when you got a discount., Do you like buying presents for people?, Where do you do your shopping?, Tell us about a time when you got a refund., Tell us about a time when you bought something on the internet and it was never sent to you., Give us five advantages of shopping online and five advantages of shopping in stores., When was the last time you were served by an unpleasant shop assistant? Talk about it., What are your feelings about shopping? Is it a pleasure or a torture? Why?, Do you think that men and women have different feelings about shopping?, Have you ever bought anything second-hand?, Have you ever bought something and then never really used it? What was it?, Do you think people can become addicted to shopping? , What are the most popular goods and services you can purchase on the internet?, How often do you go shopping for food?, How often do you go shopping for clothes?, When you go shopping, do you usually pay in cash or by credit card?, Have you ever had any problem shopping online?.


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